Knowledge section gives creative solutions for preserve and use of natural resources. It explains the resource and sets economic value on it and will equip citizen’s to have a knowledge base to start working on preservation. It has material which has been published in reputed journals on Delhi’s natural resources.

  • Carrying Capacity and Water Budget of a city, Delhi
Water and Carrying Capacity of a city : Delhi
“by Vikram Soni published in ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL WEEKLY,Nov,2003”
A study that estimates the carrying capacity of a city based on all aspects of available water resources
Delhi’s Water Budget : Consumption Discharge and Groundwater Withdrawal
“by Diwan Singh and Vikram Soni (Natural Heritage First).”
An analysis of the water situation in Delhi that differs from the Government data.
Integral Heritage
“Vikram Soni and Tarini anchanda.”
A proposal to list and preserve our valuable natural heritage as we preserve our built heritage
  • Evaluating our Natural Resources
Three Waters :An evaluation of urban groundwater resource in Delhi
“Vikram Soni (CURRENT SCIENCE, 760 VOL. 93, NO. 6, 25 SEPTEMBER 2007) “
In this article, the author has evaluated the potential of the three major water resources of the city. i.e. the Ridge, the Yamuna and the deep underground aquifers that are recharged once in 50 years
A Process for Organic Water
“Vikram Soni, Ravi Mehrotra, P.S. Datta, and S. Chander.”
A cost effective scheme for cleaning of water aquifers and preserving them for drinking water requirements.To be published in Current Science
A non-invasive and natural use of Yamuna floodplains that can give us more than 2/3rd the water requirement for Delhi.To be published in Current Science
Waste Lands as Water Sanctuaries
“Vikram Soni (CURRENT SCIENCE, VOL. 94, NO. 6, 25 MARCH 2008)”
These are possibly the only source left for fresh water as these are neither polluted by fertilizers and pesticides nor by any industrial waste
  • Forest Regeneration
Restoring Forest Cover on Degraded Land : Three Dimensional Plantations.
“by Vikram Soni published in the journal of the Swedish Royal Society – AMBIO , Vol.30, No.3, May 2001.”
Plantations without planting : On how shallow quarrying can result in natural regeneration of forests in on compacted rocky areas.
  • General articles: Economics and Natural Resources
Conserve or Perish.
“by Vikram Soni published in DNA, Mumbai edition, 5 June,2007.”
The article talks about the excess in consumption and technology that is killing the living planet.
Land Scam
“by Rashme Sehgal, Asian Age”
Reflects on how the inflating value of land is forcing our invaluable natural resource into the hands of commer size=”2″cial lobby. A case study in point is of how Vasant Kunj Malls have come up on the precious ridge in Delhi in spite of all legal protection
The Invisible Hand that is building India
“by Kuldeep Nayar and Vikram Son.”
An interesting analysis on how the commercial lobbies are multiplying their incomes and halving our income without letting us know
Tribal People and Preserving prime Forests
“by Vikram Soni published in The Hindu, 29 Nov.,2005.”
See Hindu websites
  • Nature’s Rights
Nature has Rights too
“By Vikram Soni and Sanjay Parikh. – Published in:
InfoChange News & Features, April 2008″
Protection of Nature’s rights is more important than human rights for human survival. There is a subterfuge of language, from expressions like green buildings, compensatory afforestation, ecofriendly, that is subverting this.
Integral Heritage
“Vikram Soni and Tarini anchanda.”
A proposal to list and preserve our valuable natural heritage as we preserve our built heritage