Ridge – Did You Know ?

Ridge (The Ridge in Delhi as case study)

  • The 80 sq km of Delhi’s Ridge recharges 50% of the rain falling on it, providing an annual recharge potential of 20 million cubic meters – that’s enough mineral water for the entire city of Delhi!
  • Delhi’s Ridge provides pure natural mineral water. At Rs1 per litre (1/30th the cost of regular (Himalayan) mineral water bottles!) It is worth Rs 6000 crores or $1.3 billion a year.
  • The 2 billion years old, Delhi Ridge is one of the oldest natural heritage sites in the world! As an evolutionary resource, its loss is irreplaceable.
  • Delhi’s Ridge as a local natural mineral water source saves millions in processing, packaging and distribution costs and promotes local biodiversity.


Did You Know?

  • That off the 77 Sq. Km. notified reserve forest and the 18 Sq. Km. of notified protected forest close to 18 Sq. Km. is missing on the ground.
  • There is no ground level demarcation of these areas or maps of these areas with the government
  • Go to ‘FINDINGS’ in the Ridge maps section if you want to know all this and be aware of the value of your Natural Resource and its abuse.