Yamuna – Did You Know

Floodplain. (Yamuna Flood Plains in Delhi as case study)

  • The 40 meter deep sandy layer of the floodplains can hold 2 billion cubic meters of water?
  • The Yamuna floodplains can yield 600 million cubic meters of water a year. That’s enough for 6 million people!
  • The Yamuna floodplains can save Rs.6000 crores or $1.3 billion a year in water recycling costs.
  • As an evolutionary resource, created by millions of years of natural history, the Yamuna floodplains are irreplaceable!
  • This is a non-invasive solution to Delhi’s water problems.


Floodplains VS Dam


Did You Know

Though till today the Master Plan has 97 Sq. Km. of Yamuna Flood Plains only 78 Sq. Km. is actually left

Go to ‘FINDINGS’ in the Yamuna maps section if you want to know all this and be aware of the value of your Natural Resource and its abuse.